Visit to the Audiologist

FUNetic Friday is here🤩 Topic: A Visit to the Audiologist This week’s topic looks at a child’s perspective when visiting an Audiologist in a hospital setting. This video displays the various techniques used by clinicians to build rapport and interact with children of different ages. The Conditioned Head Response that was used to test theContinue reading “Visit to the Audiologist”

Place of Articulation

Topic: Place of Articulation This diagram shows the various places of articulation of sounds and includes examples for words in English. This can be helpful for remembering throughout the semester while taking Linguistics courses! Have a great semester! Have ideas for FUNetic Friday topics or want to learn more about a topic feel free toContinue reading “Place of Articulation”

Importance of visuals

Topic: Importance of visuals This video demonstrates how without gestures or visuals it is very difficult to understand what is happening in the classroom or around you at any given moment. Visual or keywording is used in stroke recovery, classrooms and at home to help those with comprehension issues to be able to follow alongContinue reading “Importance of visuals”

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

AAC is used with all age groups to help enhance communication and reduce the frustration felt when communicating. However, there is a long way to developing technology to help make AAC much easier and user-friendly. Check out these videos and resource to learn more about it! Online Resource: Videos:

 Topic: Change in Diet lead to the Introduction of Sounds

Happy FUNetic Friday Topic: Change in Diet lead to the Introduction of Sounds This article shared looks at how the change in the diet of humans after the Neolithic era introduced the labiodental sounds. Switching away from the role of the hunter and gather influenced this change to occur. Changes to the human bite allowedContinue reading ” Topic: Change in Diet lead to the Introduction of Sounds”

Indigenous Language Revitalization

Happy FUNetic Friday! Today’s Topic: Indigenous language revitalization. Our Linguistic diversity is extraordinary when we consider all the Indigenous languages across the country. Sadly, many of them have very few speakers left. Take a look at this short video from the University of Victoria on how you can contribute to language revitalization!