Code-Switching in Bilingual Speakers

Many speakers in Canada speak more than one language. Many may be fluent or are just able to understand, there are many levels of language comprehension and fluency. Code-switching is used when a word in one language is inserted into the other language. Children learning two languages may do this and adults often do asContinue reading “Code-Switching in Bilingual Speakers”

Other Settings in which SLP’s work with Adults and Older Adults

FUNetic Friday is here! Topic: Other settings in which SLP’s work with adults and older adults. Today’s topic is looking at the other environments in which SLP’s work other than in pediatric & school settings. SLP’s are a part of the team at every point in life. There is a role in swallowing that canContinue reading “Other Settings in which SLP’s work with Adults and Older Adults”

SLP’s Role in Stroke Recovery

Another Spooky FUNetic Friday Topic: SLP’s Role in Stroke Recovery Today is World Stroke Day and SLP’s have an important role in contributing to the stroke recovery journey. By providing resources, and various interventions they collaborate with a team of various care professionals they provide support to the individual and their families. Here is a resourceContinue reading “SLP’s Role in Stroke Recovery”

Reading Development

Topic: Language skills that develop while learning how to read. This image shared by Speech and Hearing BC shows us the various cognitive skills that develop alongside reading development. All these skills contribute to comprehending what is being read. Reading and developing vocabulary have a bidirectional association that encourages diversity in the words that childrenContinue reading “Reading Development”