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Welcome to the SHLUB Opportunity Board!

As a requirement for most SLP and Audiology graduate programs, volunteer and work experience allows prospective students to develop essential interpersonal and career skills and experience through a supportive learning environment alongside professionals in the field. In addition to observation and direct experience with SLPs and Audiologists, lab and research opportunities, and other areas of interest equip future SLPs and Audiologists.

If you are an organization and you would like volunteer students who are interested in pursuing speech-language pathology or audiology, we’re happy to add you to our page.

Current Opportunities

Listed below are organizations that SHLUB has contacted as of June 2021. Please note that recruitment details and openings of opportunities are subject to change. Organizations are not screened by SHLUB, however websites of organizations are provided when possible. SHLUB will update on an ongoing basis. The most recent volunteer opportunities are listed at the top.

SFU Linguistics Department – Research Opportunities

Fall 2021 Applications: August 3-9, 2021

Spring 2022 Applications: Late November/Early December (TBA)

Summer 2022 Applications: Late March/Early April (TBA)

WHO: Various
WHAT: Paid Research Assistantship, Volunteer, or Work-Study
WHERE: Visit research directory for details
WHEN: Visit research directory for details

Symbosis Pediatric Therapy

Hiring as of August 2021

WHO: Children
WHAT: Speech Language Pathology Assistant
WHERE: Contact to inquire
WHEN: Contact to inquire
CONTACT: info@symbiosispediatrictherapy.com

SHARE Society

Volunteers in high demand as of June 2021

WHO: Seniors living at home
WHAT: There are a variety of positions available including: Friendly visitor, English Practice group coordinator, grocery shopper, driver and more.
WHERE: Flexible depending on your location. They will match you with a senior close to where you live.
WHEN: Commitment varies depending on the position. Ranges from 1-10 hours per week.
CONTACT: Elissa.Ponte@sharesociety.ca

Still Fabulous Thrift Store

Volunteers needed as of June 20th 2021

WHO: The Still Fabulous Thrift Store raises money for the BC children’s hospital and Women’s hospital.
POSITION: Sales Associate
WHERE: Two locations: 1124 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X2 and 4355 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R1
WHEN: One 4-hour shift per week for a minimum of 6 months

Learning Buddies Network

Volunteers needed for July 2021

WHO: Elementary School Students
WHAT: One-on-one tutoring for elementary school aged children. All volunteers will be provided with training and are required to attend 3 sessions per week. 
WHERE: Virtually (for now)
WHEN: 3 sessions per week

Friends of Simon Tutoring

Applications open as of June 2021

WHO: International Students
WHAT: Friends of Simon is a part-time paid English Tutoring position. As a tutor, you will work with newcomers to Canada from all over the world to help them improve their English abilities. Students range from Elementary to secondary so the position requires adaptability. 
WHERE: Virtually (for now)
WHEN: 2 afternoons a week

Children’s Hospital (Sunny Hill)

Limited openings. More positions will likely open in October 2021

WHO: Children with Developmental Disabilities
WHAT: There are a variety of volunteer positions depending on what is needed at the time of application. 
WHERE: Sunny Hill Health Centre 
WHEN: Hours vary based on the position. Most openings are on weekdays from 9-4

Columbia Speech and Language Services

Limited opportunities, but applications open as of October 2022

WHO: Adults with aphasia.
WHAT: Brain injury can cause: difficulty choosing appropriate topics or “reading” others’ body language; conversation that is overly personal or disinhibited; lack of “filter;” inability to judge when and how to enter/exit a conversation; lack of awareness of the message they are projecting via tone of voice or facial expression, or of another person’s point of view. Volunteers in this program help alleviate these difficulties through conversational therapy in a group setting.
WHERE: Surrey Library.
WHEN: Once a week for three hours.
For more information, please contact Elizabeth at elangtry@marchofdimes.ca

Language Therapy 4 Kids

Accepting volunteers as of April 2021

WHO: Children with a variety of backgrounds.
WHAT: This company has contracts with private schools in Vancouver, so the clinicians are all over the place during the school day and then do home visits after school. At the moment, students are split between Zoom and in-person sessions.
Volunteers will be matched with families based on skills, need, personality and interests as well as availability. All the volunteers get training and specific programs to follow, so you can learn from the experience.
WHERE: Varies based on location and availability.
CONTACT: anna@languagetherapy4kids.com

One-to-One Literacy

Limited opportunities, but applications open as of April 2021

WHO: Elementary school children
WHAT: Volunteer tutors support elementary-aged students by engaging them in building their literacy skills and self-reading with students and documenting their progress.
WHERE: Choose placement at a One-to-one supported elementary school that is convenient to you (Virtually, currently).
WHEN: Variable, but usually once a week for a few hours.
CONTACT: See Volunteer Position Details (includes application form) below.

Power for All

Accepting volunteers as of April 2021

WHO: Children to adults with a variety of backgrounds.
WHAT: Support in outdoor, adventure based activities for people of all ages and abilities. Programs include, paddle boarding and kayaking in the summer and pool activities in the winter. 
WHERE: Locations in Fort Langley & Surrey.
WHEN: July to September. Volunteers should be available for a minimum of 4 paddling sessions and 1 training session. 

Stroke Recovery Association of BC

Accepting volunteers as of October 2022

1) Coquitlam Branch

WHO: Adults with aphasia
WHAT: Support volunteers will facilitate discussions and conversations with adults with aphasia and acquired communication disabilities using a virtual platform (Zoom).

  • Using a variety of virtual supportive communication strategies, independently facilitate and encourage enjoyable social interactions between participants.
  • Enable participants to take part in social conversations by being observant of those needing more communication support.
  • Prepare and share resources for the group.
  • Be aware of the boundaries of your role and use supervision to clarify when uncertainties arise.
  • Inform staff of any lateness and absences in a timely manner
  • Track monthly hours.
  • Adhere to all March of Dimes Canada and City of Coquitlam policies, procedures and guidelines.

WHERE: Coquitlam Stroke Recovery Branch, Dogwood Pavilion.
WHEN: Fridays from 10:00 – 11:00am.
CONTACT: Call Alison Galdos, Recreation Leader-Stroke Recovery Group at 778-317-6450 or email at agaldos@coquitlam.ca

2) Aphasia Peer Connect

WHO: Adults with aphasia
WHAT: Support volunteers will facilitate discussions and conversations with adults with aphasia and acquired communication disabilities. The group is looking for volunteers that would be available to join through Zoom and provide support.
Aphasia training will be provided and required with the expectation of a minimum of a six month commitment. SRABC provides fantastic training which is particularly relevant for any student that is interested in a career in speech sciences.
WHERE: Online over Zoom.
WHEN: Monday to Friday – Contact for openings
CONTACT: Those interested should email Elizabeth at elangtry@marchofdimes.ca

Please stay tuned for more opportunities!

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